Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Supernaturally by Kiersten White
HarperTeen, 2011
336 pages
YA; Paranormal
4/5 stars

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After loving Parnormalcy, I knew I would want to read Supernaturally posthaste. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this one as much.  Although there is still humor, romance, and twists on paranormal tropes, I felt like Evie's climatic realization took too long. Everything she thought and felt in the last few pages was something I had been thinking and feeling while reading the book. Consequently, I was displeased with Evie and we were most definitely not on the same page.  I also think I liked the first book serving as an introduction instead of this book which felt like it was filled with angst.

So much angst. Angst over her relationship with Lend, angst over her application to Georgetown as the only possible outcome for a long-term relationship with Lend, angst over her abilities to suck out souls and her relationship with Lend.  I wanted Evie to be more kick-butt like in the first book; I mean, she barely used Tasey!

I guess in some ways though the angst really fits the description of a second book. Evie ended Paranormalcy having gotten what she wanted: out of IPCA, into Lend's arms, and set on the path of normal high school life. But in this second book, she finds out that she maybe doesn't want that life. High school is stultifying; IPCA does some good things and she'd like to be a part of that; and maybe Lend won't be with her because he will live forever and she will die a mortal death. So she has reasons for that angst. But she kept lying and keeping things from those she was closest to, preferring instead to find out more about her fairy heritage from the unstable character Jack, who is originally presented as a charming ne'er-do-well who takes a much darker twist later in the book.

Additionally there are some plot threads revolving around missing paranormals and Evie's suspicion over her boss's motives that aren't really addressed. I hope they will play a pivotal role in the third book but I feel discontent with the ending regarding that.  I did appreciate more background on Evie and her powers and there was still quite a bit of humor.

Overall: A bit disappointing to me; there was not enough adventure and too much angst for my satisfaction.


  1. Aww, she barely used Tasey? What's better than a pink, bedazzled taser? Evie was the main reason why I LOVED Paranormalcy, so I'm a little sad that mountains of angst are dimming her awesome kick-butt attitude.

    But I'm still super excited to read this book, especially knowing that there's still some humor! I'm trying to get my hands on a copy right now! Awesome review! :)

  2. Sequels are always a kind of stressful reading experience for me, since you want them to be as good as the first book. Supernaturally still sounds good, though - I like a bit of angst - and I still want to start this series.

  3. I am sorry to hear that this one isn't as good as Paranormalcy. Nice review though. I hope the third book will be much better.

  4. I liked this book a lot, but I did miss the lightness and fun of Para. I was disappointed by the lack of Tasey :(

  5. I am hopeful that the third book will be more to my taste with more humor, more Tasey, more action, and less angst; this book set up quite a few subplots that should payoff in Endlessly.

  6. This book is on my wishlist. I'm always leery of second books in series. They seem to lose the fizzle of the 1st book. Great review. Thanks for your honest opinion.

  7. Aww that sucks that you didn't feel like it lived up to Paranormalcy. I will be reading this one soon so I will keep in mind what you are saying. I hate it when characters get all angsty. It gets annoying real quick. Thank you for the honest review! =)


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