Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Pigman

The Pigman by Paul Zindel
Bantam Books, 1978
Originally Published 1968
149 pages
YA; Contemporary
4/5 stars

Source: Library

Most of the YA I read has been published very recently, usually within the past year and sometimes a little longer if I'm picking up a series.  But I've been interested in older examples of YA and I saw this on a recommended list of YA Contemporary so I figured "why not?" especially when the library has a copy readily available.

I think my expectations might have been too high because this book, while good, didn't really hit me.  I thought I would be emotional and feel an intense connection to the book but I pretty much felt nothing.  Mostly I compared it to today's YA and how the writing and themes differed or were similar.

I liked that it was told in alternating perspectives between John and Lorraine as they laid out the story of the Pigman, Mr. Pignati.  I cringed at some of the things they did; for example the start of the three's relationship is the two kids conning $10 out of Mr. Pignati as well as getting him to buy them a buttload of stuff.  I liked how their relationship grew and I thought they did some believable things.  But I didn't feel connected to anyone. I wonder if it's because of the alternating perspectives or perhaps that I just didn't like either of the kids. But this book was overall meh for me.


  1. Wow, this takes me back. I read this book in middle school. I don't remember anything about it now. YA books really have changed a lot though.

  2. I find that many older books (and movies) don't really hook me as much as more recent ones too, probably because the writing styles and beliefs are so different! That's really cool that you too a chance with this book, though! :)

    Another awesome review! It sounds like a pretty cool book; I think I might try it out if I ever see it!

  3. I like to read books from 40, 50 years ago. There's something about them, a different mind-set perhaps. But yes, they can turn out to be very meh, sometimes.:) I confess that I have a hard time reading a book about kids, unless it's a war story, or something scary, so I'll pass this one.


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