About Me:

I am an American recent college graduate whose passion for reading had slightly diminished due to the less than interesting books I read for school.  I also found my memory less than satisfactory so the blog serves the dual purpose of getting me more excited about reading and helping me remember exactly what books I have read.  Besides reading, I love TV and movies.  As I have maintained this blog, I have become more involved in the blogosphere, especially the YA segment and I have fallen even more in love with reading.

About Bookworm1858:

I think the bookworm part is self-explanatory but the 1858 might seem random.  It is actually the birth year of my favorite president Theodore Roosevelt. I cannot explain exactly how awesome he is because there isn't sufficient space but everyone I know IRL has gotten to listen to me talk about him and besides books, he is something I am very passionate about.

About Reviews:

I read in most fiction genres but my heart truly lies in YA. However I do read and review other books so expect an eclectic mix of hot new releases and older books that I had missed.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, please submit it through the form below.

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