YA Book Boyfriends

My top YA guys, obviously excludes Austen heroes who would otherwise dominate the list ;)

1. Will from Firelight
2. Win from All These Things I've Done
3. Wes from The Truth About Forever
4. Will from Perfect You
(Why do all of their names start with W?!)
5. Robert from Aurelia and Exile
6. Hale from Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals
7. Adam from The Boys Next Door
8. Ryan Stone from Dare You To
9. Nathan from My Midsummer's Nightmare
10. Ben Michaels from Unraveling

Honorable Mentions
A. Dean from The Iron Thorn-smokers are a no-no
B. T.J. Jones from Whale Talk
C. Jack Caputo from Everneath-I don't like the piercing
D. Cal from Demonglass
E. Dane from Academy 7

This is a tentative list and is something I plan to edit and update. The top 4 are in order but the rest aren't necessarily.

Updated: 31 May 2013
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