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Shift by Jeri Smith-Ready
Simon Pulse, 2011
367 pages
YA; Paranormal
4.5/5 stars

Source: Received a free ARC via GalleyGrab in exchange for an honest review.

My review of the first book, Shade.


I enjoyed the first book and thus was pretty excited to see it in GalleyGrab.  I was nervous because sometimes the middle book in a trilogy is just filler.  However I ended up liking this book even more as Smith-Ready just made everything better: more intense, higher stakes, faster paced.

The book opens with Aura still calling for Logan after he shaded at the end of the first book.  Finally he reappears as a ghost instead of a dangerous shade and for about fifteen minutes, he even solidifies, freaking them both out.  Unfortunately his reappearance throws some wrinkles into the budding relationship between Aura and Zachary (who I think got even hotter).  They had cautiously been negotiating something but with Logan back, there's conflict.

A lot more is revealed about the Shift, the abilities of Aura and Zach, and Aura's parents.  It is still not all explained but a lot more pieces have fallen into place. We receive a lot more information than I expected, which I think helped make this an exciting second book instead of just a place-holder.

I felt like this book is more tightly focused on the two of them (plus Logan), so while almost all of the secondary characters from the first book are back, none receive much more character development.  Some new characters are also introduced such as Nicola, from the DMP, who is trying to help repair their reputation by helping Logan in his new quest to form a band with and for post-Shifters.

The love triangle (which as a general plot device is still not a favorite of mine) becomes a sort of pentagon, when Aura and Zach make some hasty prom invitations.  There is also a lot of making-out (which I enjoyed when it was Aura and Zach, less so when it was Aura and a guy she should not be kissing) and discussion of sex, which I include as a warning to those who prefer a cleaner read.

The ending is a cliffhanger, promising one thing in the third book but probably going another way until everything's sorted out. Can't wait!

Overall: A second book better than the first with great pacing and some steamy times!

Cover: I don't like Aura's positioning and pose but the red around the title is great.

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  1. I am really glad you liked this book. I read another review that wasn't as favorable and I like Shade so much I was sort of deflated. Now I am sure I need to get this and judge it for myself.


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