Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Stats

November Sum Up:

Books Read This Month: 23 (Thank you Thanksgiving break!)
Favorite Book: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly, fantastic!
Least Favorite Book: Brilliant by Rachel Vail, hampered by high expectations
Longest Book: The Woman in White at 584 pages
Shortest Book: Seeds of Turmoil, a mere 173 pages
Most Read Genre: 7 non-fiction but also 9 YA (and more coming in December)

Total Pages Read This Year: 79,816
Total Books Read:  254

Netgalley November: I read and reviewed 6 books from Netgalley; I wish I had done more but since my big request for my birthday (Dec 14) and Christmas is an e-reader, I'm waiting for that before I dive back in. I have an awesome list of books waiting and I'm already planning what I'll read first on my new e-reader.  While I can (and obviously have) read books on my computer, it does tend to hurt my eyes.  I'm hoping that a dedicated reading device won't.

Fairy Tale Friday: A look at some of my favorite Cinderella adaptations.

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  1. Wow, amazing stats! You should be given an award because you really are a true bookworm, truly worthy of the title. A girl after my own heart. 23 books in a month? Wow, that's so good to hear. I usually read up to ten books a month and my friends actually call ME a bookworm.:)

    I am so glad you read the Woman in White! I read it years ago and loved it! I wonder whether you liked it or not. Can't wait for your review! I don't know many people who've read it.


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