Friday, December 10, 2010

The Holiday Tag

I was tagged by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read. If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged and fill it out! (Leave a link below if you want me to comment.)

1. When do you usually know and feel that it's finally the holidays?
After Thanksgiving-that's when my family breaks out the Christmas songs.  This year though we didn't so I've had to listen to carols all alone in my dorm room :-(

2. What do you want for Christmas this year?
An e-reader-I've been leaning toward the Nook but I don't really care.

3. Do you go all out with decorations?
No-I usually complain somewhat not because I don't love decorating for Christmas but because I hate thinking ahead to January and taking everything down.

4. What are you doing Christmas eve?
We (we being my parents, my sister, and me) usually like to watch movies, White Christmas, Muppet Christmas Carol, It's a Wonderful Life, etc.  We also get to open a few presents including pajamas-my mom always picks out really cute ones.

5. What are you doing Christmas day?
My sister and I love to get up early and start unwrapping presents.  When we're done, my dad will make breakfast and we watch the Christmas parade. For the past few years, we've gone to a movie as it's usually pretty empty.  I'm also planning to watch/DVR Ben-Hur on TCM because I've only seen the chariot race.

5. It's Christmas time. What are you reading?
At the moment, it's finals season for me so I'm turning toward comfort reads and more YA.  No dystopian or thrillers.

6. Favorite movie to watch during the holidays?
Love Actually, which I watched twice last Sunday; White Christmas; It's A Wonderful Life; Muppet Christmas Carol.

7. Favorite Christmas song?
I have a couple: Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Darlene Love; Baby, It's Cold Outside by Dean Martin; and O Come All Ye Faithful from Broadway Carols for a Cure, Volume 8-it has to be that version because it's so much more upbeat than the traditional versions.

8. Favorite holiday drink?
I don't have a favorite holiday drink-I'm pretty boring (skim) milk or water.  I'd drink hot chocolate if I didn't live in California with temperatures around the 70s/80s (yes, you read that right!)

9. How is your Christmas shopping going?

Meh-let's not talk about that right now.

10. If you could spend Christmas day anywhere else, where would you spend it?
Maybe I'd go to the East Coast to see my grandparents. But I'm pretty happy at home with my immediate family.

11. Any holiday traditions?
At the moment I can't think of any; they're probably so familiar to me that they just seem like something everyone does rather than a special family holiday tradition.

12. Favorite thing about the Holidays?

Jesus-as He is the reason for the season (I know that's kind of a stupid rhyme but I like it.)


  1. Thanks for the interview!

    I have a giveaway on my blog - a gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. Would like you to come over and enter!

  2. Thanks for posting this Holiday Tag. It's always interesting to find out tidbits about fellow bloggers!

    That is one thing about putting up the decorations...they always have to come down. It'd be nice if we could train them to box themselves up. :-)

    Here's mine:

  3. Thank you for coming over to my blog!

  4. It's always fun to get to know bloggers like this! I like your answers. I love to buy pajamas myself, and socks, and they always need to be kind of quirky in a cute way.:) I hope you get some cool pajamas this year - and a Nook! Wow, December in California is WARM.

    Great final answer. I sometimes can't help but laugh when some adults think that Christmas is actually Santa's day... Ah, well, to each their own.:)

    I hope you get some nice presents this year!


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