Friday, December 24, 2010

Cinderella IV

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 Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

A MG version of the Cinderella story that I own but haven't read in a while.  This examines what happens after the end of the fairy tale, between the slipper fitting and the wedding.

There are three important things I remember from this variation:
1. The prince is not charming; instead he is a stupid lout.
2. Ella really hates palace life and the insipidity of it all
3. Ella falls in love with her tutor and runs off for her HEA to be with him and to help others.  Ella has so much spirit and it is very easy to root for her.


  1. Oh, sounds like something I would like! I find it great that Ella is feisty. The cover totally fits her description.

  2. Something I have not even heard about!!!

    Merry christmas.


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