Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out With a Bang Readathon

Hello fellow bookworms! The year 2010 is coming to a close, and many of us probably still have several books on our 2010 to-be-read piles that we just haven't gotten to yet -- especially Debut Author Challenge books! That's why Heather at Book-Savvy and I wanted to host the Out with a Bang Readathon!

The Readathon will run from December 29 - 31 and participants will be reading as many books as they can during that time! This Readathon is mainly to finish off the fabulous debuts for the Debut Author Challenge, but participants don't have to focus on that category if they have non-debut books that they would like to finish before 2010 ends.

And, if you need an extra incentive to participate, we'll also be giving away tons of swag and books during the Readathon (and a lot of it will be signed!)

Several awesome authors have been kind enough to donate items! I will do a special thank you post once we have all the details so that I don't miss anyone!

Thanks SO much to the authors and bloggers who are making this event possible!

It's not too late to donate or to sign up to host a challenge. If you're interested, just email me!

I will be using this time to (hopefully) read some ebooks on my new Nook (that is if I get it for Christmas) as well as some of the books I receive for Christmas or even some of the books I've been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to yet.  It's totally fluid.

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  1. Great readathon! I'd so love to participate, but I might be busy then, so I can't be sure if I'll be able to read much towards the end of December. :( Good luck with the readathon!


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