Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Lady Like Sarah

A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley
Thomas Nelson, 2009
309 pages
Inspirational; Romance; Historical
4/5 stars

Source: Library

Summary: Preacher Justin Wells left Boston for Texas in disgrace.  Sarah Prescott is wanted along with her robber brothers.  The upright preacher and the outlaw meet under bad circumstances and journey toward Rocky Creek with mishaps, adventure, love, and grace.

Thoughts: I won the second book, A Suitor for Jenny, from Goodreads so I thought I'd give this one a chance.

It was just what I wanted: a nice romance with characters struggling to follow God despite the difficulties.  Sarah never had any formal church teachings but she has a simple and natural relationship with God; she doesn't speak fancy like Justin but she learns to believe and rely on God, which I really enjoyed seeing.  But I would not call this the most religious of books; while God is definitely in the picture, He is not in the forefront as much as in say Redeeming Love.

Now on to the characters: Sarah was very strong and independent but with a good heart.  She got a bit annoying throughout the book due to her manner of speaking which is very informal and grated somewhat on me (I hate dialects in book and don't even really like when people drop the "g" for verbs, as in "runnin'").  I also like Justin, one of my favorite boy names, although there were times when I thought he was lacking in common sense.  But that is why they work: she has practical knowledge and he has book learning-balance.

It was a bit suspenseful at the end, not because there was ever any doubt that they would end up together but because she is scheduled to be hanged for the crimes committed by her brothers that she is associated with.  I was wondering how Brownley would handle it and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Overall: Good story, makes me excited for the next!

Cover: I didn't imagine Sarah looking like this girl although they both have red hair; I wish we could see her red boots!

Other: I didn't realize this when I got the book but it was shortlisted for the Inspys 2010 in the Romance/Romantic Suspense category; I certainly enjoyed it and would like to see it win although I haven't read any of the other nominees.

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  1. I like a romance with some depth. I like flawed heroines and heroes too. It leaves toom for genuine redemption. This novel definitely seems interesting.


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