Monday, December 6, 2010

The Duff

The Duff by Kody Keplinger
Poppy, 2010
277 pages
YA; Contemporary; Romance
4/5 stars
Contemps Challenge

Source: Won

Summary: Although one of Bianca and Wesley's first interactions is him calling her "the Duff," she is soon kissing him and she can't seem to stop as her family life crumbles.

Thoughts: First, I think that I just wrote a spectacularly concise summary! Anyway, review!

I really liked Bianca; she is snarky and cynical and funny.  Then her home life starts crumbling and she seeks solace in the arms of a really hot boy. Speaking of home, her parents could have had a bit more depth but I liked that they weren't completely sucky and that she cared about them. Her friends were also pretty good characters as they revealed more depth and renegotiated their friendship.

As to the boy: Wesley=hot. Their scenes together=hot. Wesley=opening up and sharing his feelings and listening to Bianca=hot.  All good.

Now the ending did come together too fast, in like eight pages, but I didn't really mind.

Warning: Language and sexual situations that might make some readers uncomfortable.

Overall: Wonderful-excited to see what Keplinger comes up with next!

Cover: I don't know about the gum; I get that something else needed to be on the cover but I don't like it.  It's not like Bianca had a gum-chewing habit.


  1. What a fun review! I loved your descriptions of the boy - hot, hot, hot.:) This novel definitely sounds interesting.

  2. I really enjoyed this one as well! I wasn't sure Wesley could ever make me like him after calling her the DUFF repeatedly, but somehow he won me over with his charm and I enjoyed their scenes together. I'm definitely looking forward to more Klepinger as well! Nice review:)


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