Friday, December 3, 2010

Cinderella I

This was probably the first version of Cinderella I ever knew.  Disney of course introduced many fairy tales to people and I'm certainly one of those people.  Apparently I used to watch the beginning and then stop it and go back and watch the same part over again.  I'm not sure what that says about me other than the fact that I know I watched the transformation scene.  When Cinderella goes from tattered clothing to a beautiful ballgown, it's just pure magic!  And then she goes to the ball and has a fantastic time, attracting the attention of a charming man (who she doesn't even know is the prince!)

I think my favorite part of the film though is at the end when she says "But you see...I have the other slipper."  The Duke looks like he might cry, Lady Tremaine is outraged, and Cinderella is quietly poised.  I guess I'm also thinking about this in terms of the recent engagement of Catherine Middleton and Prince William; a "common" girl who wins the heart of her prince (I know, gross oversimplification but I love the fairy tale ending! And Catherine looks beautiful in blue too!)


  1. What a lovely post! Disney also introduced me to many fairy-tales. That transformation scene is so magical and I just love Cinderella's dress. I like your parallel to Catherine Middleton and Prince William!

  2. Awww... It is just a great fairytale. I love the bit where the dress turns from pink to blue and blue to pink.


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