Friday, September 24, 2010

Glee-Cap 2x01

My Glee Thoughts: (Note I don't provide a summary but instead give my various thoughts and then highlight the songs)
  •  I can't say I'm very impressed with Charice.  I understand that her appeal is her youth, tiny stature, and big voice but it doesn't seem new.
  • Chord Overstreet has a huge mouth, a Bieber haircut, and a stupid name.  I liked the callback to when Will heard Finn singing in the showers.
  • I thought Coach Beiste was pretty cool but then she punished the kids who aren't involved in the jealous disputes of teachers. She also assumed they were mean to her because she was a female football coach rather than that she's taking money from their budgets. And aren't there any other clubs beside Cheerios and Glee that could be cut?
  • Cheyenne Jackson was woefully underused on 30 Rock so hopefully he will be treated better here.
  • Sue; I liked her mirth when she was plotting with Will
  • Quinn's back on top although not enough Britney and why, Santana, why?
  • Mike Chang's abs; nice for Tina and Mike to be able to dance together but how heartbreaking for Artie; bye, bye poor Matt
  • Not enough Kurt and Mercedes
  • Poor Finn-life really seems to suck for him; he 1. has a control freak girlfriend; 2. had a massive loss of popularity; 3. was caught in the crossfires of teachers' petty fights; 4.was kicked off the football team for trying to help his friend; and 5. he's about as dumb as a bag of hair.
  • I still don't understand why people wouldn't want to join Glee; they always look like they're having fun and you'd have 11 automatic friends even if everyone else dropped you. I know I'd be afraid of singing live but I could certainly stand in the back and sway while Rachel sang.
1. Empire State of Mind-New Directions: Well any song that has the opportunity to trash the Yankees and yet doesn't is an obvious fail; plus the Glee guys should really stop trying to rap.
2. Telephone-Rachel and Sunshine: loved Rachel's faces and think she is far superior.
3. Billionaire-Chord, Artie, and Puck: Such a straightforward song: "I wanna be a billionaire."
4. Listen-Sunshine: didn't like Beyonce's version, didn't like this one; I just plan don't like this song-the original Dreamgirls songs are so much better-check them out if you're not familiar with them.
5. What I Did For Love-Rachel: Hmm the only non-contemporary song/Broadway song was the best.  However the context is wrong; In A Chorus Line, this is song as the dancers recognize the limited amount of time they have to perform while Rachel's performance is based on her fundamental selfishness regarding the spotlight.

Next week: Britney! The 10-year old in me still thinks she and Justin were the perfect couple and I still root for Britney through all of her many problems.  Although I'm not sure that I like the idea of exactly copying her videos-why not something new?

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  1. "Dumb as a bag of hair" -- LOL!!! Poor Finn. I wonder if he realizes how dumb he really is??? And poor Artie. But Mike Chang actually had a line! Woo hoo!

    Best line of the night from Brittany, very deadpan: "Stop the violence." LOVE her!!! Especially since she was originally a choreographer, not an actress. Too funny.


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