Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Britney on Glee!

So as you can see from the title, I'm super excited about Britney Spears being on Glee and having some of her songs being covered.  In order to celebrate, I'm sharing a video that I just discovered basically now.  It's for "Circus" which is not being covered but I really like some of the faces Britney makes; she really looks like she's having fun and is happy.  I've also really been liking "Toxic," which is being covered and "If You Seek Amy, " which is not being covered for obvious reasons.  In the latter case, it's largely because of those rose shoes.  I know I'm super late to the party of adoring those shoes but man, they're great!

And one last video, my favorite of early Britney, the under-appreciated "(You Drive Me) Crazy":

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