Friday, September 24, 2010

Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

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Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

This is one of my favorites-obviously it's a Cinderella story although more in the vein of Grimm than Perrault.  Princess Marigold is very lonely as her father constantly goes on quests.  Then he has the brilliant idea that he will build a glass hill and whoever can climb it shall win her hand.  Meanwhile Cinderellis is lonely as his brothers are best friends who ignore him.  He just wants someone to appreciate his inventions.  With some magic, he is climbs the hill three separate times and receives the three apples that the princess has.  They end up getting married and he helps improve their country with his inventions and he never leaves Marigold by herself.

So I actually left out my favorite part which involves three horses and Cinderellis's inventions but that is because you'll just have to read it for yourself!


  1. Oh, wow, Cinderellis is a guy? How unique and interesting! I like the idea of Marigold's father building a glass hill to get her a husband. Really, this one has a great premise. Thanks for sharing!

  2. +JMJ+

    This is very familiar!!! I definitely read it in childhood, but didn't know that that the prince had a name. (Cinderellis, aye? I wonder what the story is behind that.) In my version, the title was The Princess on a Glass Hill or something like that.


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