Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fairy's Mistake

Friday is for Fairytales, hosted by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read
I'm beginning my journey through GCL's fairy tale retellings.  This is the first one and I'll review the other five over the next five weeks.  This is not my favorite but it introduces the world of Biddle where they all take place.

Basically there are two sisters, Rosella and Myrtle.  The former is sweet and the latter is mean.  When Rosella goes to fetch water, she offers some to a fairy and is rewarded with jewels falling from her mouth whenever she speaks. A prince sees the jewels and decides he will marry Rosella. Myrtle goes to do the same thing but when she rejects the fairy, she is punished with bugs coming out of her mouth.

However it turns out that Rosella is unhappy in the palace with that greedy prince who wants her to produce jewels so he can build a new palace.  Myrtle is happy as she threatens people with the fearsome bugs unless they do what she writes on her slate.  The fairy is devastated but she comes up with a plan to right matters.

I think I've been baffled by the mechanics of what comes out of their mouths.  It sounds awful either way.  Can you imagine?

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  1. Wow, what a story. I don't think I'd be happy either way. I mean, bugs are definitely not on any person's menu, but jewels? It might be fun for the first day, but awful from then on. Great post!


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