Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bleak House Ch. 8-13

Welcome to Part II. This week we read Chapter 8 to 13.  See The Zen Leaf for other links.

Link to last week's thoughts.

Overall: we continue to meet a lot of new characters.  Esther is much less annoying to me and she receives a marriage proposal!  Mr Tulkinghorn continues to be rather creepy.  I am still confused about how everything might tie together but I see some possibilities.  I'm enjoying Dickens a lot more this time but I still find my eyes glazing over at some of the descriptive passages.

Chapter 8: Mrs Pardiggle and her sons made me laugh; she is somewhat like Mrs Jellyby.  This chapter also shows Dickens' reform-mindedness as he criticizes the quality of living, indicating support for water and santitation reform.

Chapter 9: Mr Boythorn-very vibrant although possibly has some anger issues.  I thought the marriage proposal from Mr Guppy was very nice.  If Esther were Charlotte Lucas, she would have said yes because he has solid prospects and being Mrs Guppy would totally be better than being Mrs Collins (do you agree?)

Chapter 10: WOW-ends on a cliffhanger because that was the end of serial 3.  It would definitely get me to pick it up.  We meet Mr and Mrs Snagsby who were humorous and more of Mr Tulkinghorn who goes to meet someone in his room and it seems as if that person is dead but we don't know!

Chapter 11: Now we do know that the man is dead of an opium overdose (accidental or intentional cannot be determined).  Later there is an inquest with the very annoying Mrs Piper who it seems likes to make up words.  I can find that funny in TV or movies where I can hear the pronunciation but I find it annoying in books.

Chapter 12: We return to the Dedlocks where it seems as if there is some mysterious communication occurring between Lady Dedlock and Mr Tulkinghorn revolving around the dead man.

Chapter 13: Returns to Esther who is annoying over Ada again.  But Ada and Richard have confessed their love to each other and it seems like everyone is in favor of it.  Mr Guppy also returns to gaze forlornly at Esther; I know it makes her uncomfortable but I actually really like Mr Guppy so I like seeing him return.  I hope he doesn't decide to do something desperate to win her.


  1. There are some parts where my eyes have been glazing over too, but overall I'm starting to enjoy the story. I like Mr Guppy too!

  2. I like your idea of Charlotte marrying Mr. Guppy! That sounds like a great idea for a mash-up. Of course there's about 50 years difference between the books. . . maybe it takes place in Bookworld from Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series.

    And what is Esther's obsession with Ada? Why is she so darling? All I get so far is that she has pretty golden curls. Big whoop.


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