Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bleak House, Chapters 33-38

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Some dreary chapters this week.

Chapter 33: The aftermath of Krook's death.  It turns out that Grandmother Smallweed was his sister.  Mr Guppy visits Lady Dedlock and tells her that papers are gone; Mr Tulkinghorn is creepy.

Chapter 34: Mr George's debt is going to be called in and the nice Bagnets will be ruined.  Except that Mr George will provide the handwriting sample to Mr Tulkinghorn in order to protect the Bagnets.

Chapter 35: Sickening how Esther goes on and on about Ada.  Richard is a jerk to Mr Jarndyce.  Miss Flite comes to visit Esther.  Mr Woodcourt (a doctor) has won acclaim abroad, which causes Esther to ponder what if he had loved her as she had hoped.

Chapter 36: Esther and Charley go to stay at Boythorn's house in order to help their health.  While there Esther meets with Lady Dedlock who confesses she is her mother but begs her to say nothing in order to protect Sir Leicester.  Esther talks more about how her beauty is ruined and no man could look past it (why does she assume all men are so shallow? Just because Dickens was)

Chapter 37: Richard comes back and he now thinks Mr Skimpole is a jolly good chap which I think shows you very plainly how awful he's become.  He is pretty much obsessed with the case and has employed a Mr Vholes for assistance.

Chapter 38: Esther goes to London under the pretense of visiting Caddy, who is quite happy in her new married life.  They visit Mr Guppy in a (rather funny) scene where he wants her to promise that he is under no obligation to her due to his earlier proposals.  It seems as if he is as shallow as Esther thinks men are.

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  1. I love your comments on shallowness, Dickens and Guppy's shallowness, haha. Funny and to the point, and I agree with you. Dickens seemed to like prettiness. But then again, I might just feel bitter about him as a man, knowing he was not exactly as moral as his books. Happy further reading!


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