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Three Musketeers Wrap-Up Post

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
Translated by Anonymous
Barnes and Noble, 2004
700 pages
Originally Published 1844
Classic; Adventure
3.5/5 stars

Source: Bought

Summary: The classic adventure story of D'Artagnan, Porthos, Athos, and Aramis as they fight for king and queen against cardinalist forces and negotiate the battlefields of war and love.

Please also see my first post.

This second part continues much the same as the first part with the 4 continuing their ways.  The focus this time is more on Milady, a mysterious lady who can switch between an English and French character, plots beyond the supposed capabilities of a woman, and is serving the cardinal in opposition to Queen Anne.  She was a fascinating character because of her ability to get men to do almost anything she wanted using anything that was at her disposal.  However she was morally unprincipled and was clearly a villain against D'Artagnan's heroism so she dies in a rather shocking way.

The 4 continue their spendthrift ways, acquiring and disposing of large sums of money fairly quickly, spending it on food, drink (especially drink), women, and gaming.  However Athos is deepened through his back-story, which is intimately connected with Milady's. I guess he would be my favorite although I still don't really like any of them.

The siege of La Rochelle, a Huguenot post in Catholic France,  forms most of the background and there were some clever scenes around that such as when the 4 hold a private discussion in a bastion and then manage to fight off a great horde of invaders through subterfuge and a bit of luck.

Overall I was disappointed because I did not find this book as good as The Count of Monte Cristo. I didn't like the writing as much, I thought it dragged more, and I didn't like the characters as much either.

Additionally the trailer for a film adaptation later this year has been released.  Matthew MacFayden (aka a Mr. Darcy) plays Athos (my fave) but he also makes me think of Alan Rickman in appearance so that's kind of weird.  I'm sure I will see the film at some point although not necessarily in theaters.

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  1. I read this a few years ago to review it for The Historical Novels Review. In a lot of ways, I agree with what you've posted. This is a book that I'm glad I read. I'm glad I learned who the three/four musketeers are and discovered what the story was about. And yet, it's a book that I prefer having read to reading.


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