Thursday, March 24, 2011

Academy 7

Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund
Speak, 2009
259 pages
YA; Science-Fiction; Romance
5/5 stars

Source: Library

Summary: Aerin is a fugitive from slavery; Dane is a privileged son. While these two seem to have little in common, they quickly become competitors and friends bonded by intellect and the mysteries of their past at the exclusive Academy 7.

I enjoyed Osterlund's Aurelia so I wanted to check out her other book. I liked the blurb that talked about what seemed like a boarding school plus romance is always good and a splash of mystery.  However I did not realize it was sci-fi, which was a very pleasant surprise although for those who aren't big fans, it's not the biggest element.

I really liked both of the main characters.  Dane is dark, broody, and hot! While a skilled pilot and debater, he also has a tortured family history that causes him to rebel and at times to waste his natural gifts. Aerin also has a dark backstory after spending years as a slave before managing to escape.  She is so determined and worked harder than all of the other students in order to prove her worth.  Additionally I loved their interactions together as neither holds back, whether zinging barbs or fighting in class.

One tiny quibble is that there is supposed to be "a secret as big as the entire universe" as teased on the back cover.  I think that's hyperbolic but what they discover has very big consequences for Aerin and Dane's understanding of their respective families and themselves.

Overall: Highly Recommended! Hoping for a sequel!


  1. This sounds great! I don't mind a bit of sci-fi. Sci-fi+romance make an interesting combination. Great review! I'd like to read this.

  2. Adding this to my wishlist, I like the sound of it! =D

  3. I saw this book, but I didn't pick it up. Next time, I think I will


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