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Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting by Claudia Joseph
Avon, 2009
268 pages
Non-fiction; Royalty
3.5/5 stars

Source: Library

Summary: A brief biography of Middleton's ancestors from the Victorian era to Kate's own life.

I really liked the concept of this book.  The first eleven chapters focus on Kate's ancestors, giving brief insight into the four main branches starting with the great-great-great-great grandparents and  even brief mentions of William's family especially to compare circumstances.  Those chapters were a little difficult as many names appear but they gave a brief peek at a particular time period and of people living under those conditions.

The rest of the book traces Kate's own life including the brief breakup and almost immediate reconciliation.  It really stressed the sacrifices Kate has made to be with William.  She looked for a low-key job so that she could be by his side at a moment's notice and support him at society events.  She's so patient and giving-I really do hope for the best for their marriage!

I hated the constant comparisons between the poverty of many of her ancestors and how Kate would be keeping much more rarefied company.  I also felt like Joseph thought that Kate and her family were social climbers.  The stress on Kate as a commoner when her family is worth millions and she went to private school seems bizarre to me over here in America. In my view, she's legitimately upper-class even if she doesn't have aristocratic blood, solely because of her financial situation-one of many differences between the US and the UK!

Read as part of the British Books Challenge.

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  1. So lovely that a book focuses on Kate! I don't really care whether she's merely common or a rich girl. As long as William and Kate truly love each other, I wish them all the happiness in their marriage. Great review!


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