Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Library Thursday

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I have some great books checked out right now (sorry I can't upload the actual picture as I have misplaced my camera).  All books come via my college's library and their LINK+ program. 

I recently read The Making of Star Wars so obviously I had to read the book about the making of the sequel!  I am already about halfway through the book but I am savoring it as I go along. It's filled with concept art, bits of the original script, photos, and other insights.

Then I have some interesting looking YA.  The first two are contemporaries (one for the Contemps Challenge, the other highly praised around the blogosphere) and the third has a bit of paranormal as well as being a YA Debut title.  I'm most excited about Anna because of all of the hype but I've seen good reviews of all three so I think I will enjoy them a lot.

Lastly I have yet another book about the Royal Engagement because I'm a little obsessed! This book is obviously very recent as you can see from the cover photo (from the day their engagement was announced-such a pretty blue).

What have you checked out recently? Head over to LazyGirlReads to link up your post.


  1. That Star Wars book looks really interesting! I think I would like that...except I wonder how technical it is. Will have to see if it's at my library! :)

  2. I keep seeing Anna and the French Kiss around, looking forward to see what you think of it. Good picking this week.

    Thanks for stopping by, I am a new follower!

  3. I really enjoyed reading Rivals! I can't wait to read Anna and the French Kiss and So Shelly so looking forward to your reviews. Oh, and I'm also a little obsessed with the Royal Engagement :)

  4. I have picked up Kate and William so many times and each time I've hoped nobody has seen me - I think I may just have the courage to do so in public after reading your post! Suffice to say - slightly obsessed!!!
    Here's my collection for the week:

  5. So Shelly looks insanely intriguing!! I can't wait for your review!!! Thanks for doing the hop :)

  6. Great books! The Star Wars books looks really cool and I did not know that So Shelly has a paranormal element to it. I am looking forward to your review. I am not a huge fan of contemps and I did not love Anna and the French Kiss, but I may be the only person in the blogosphere who didn't!
    Truly Bookish

  7. @Mrs. Vincent-The Star Wars book is pretty technical but I just skim those parts and enjoy the parts I understand.

    @The Book Gatherer-this particular William and Kate book is not as good as others I've read but it does have some great pictures. Be brave ;)

    @Truly Bookish-it turns out So Shelly does not have a paranormal element; I just thought it did because of the cover. I'm hoping I'll like Anna but I've been burned by hyped books around the blogosphere so I'll have to see.


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