Friday, March 4, 2011

Disney Princess Profile: Ariel

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Name: Ariel
Princess: Born and bred
Voice: Jodi Benson
Hair: Long red with big bangs
Outfit: Purple bra and green fins
Home: The Ocean
Longs for: Legs
Best Friend: Flounder
Species: Surgeonfish
Voice: Jason Marin
Friend: Scuttle
Species: Seagull
Voice: Buddy Hackett
Parents: King Triton
Voice: Kenneth Mars
Court Conductor: Sebastian
Species: Crab
Voice: Samuel E. Wright
Love Interest: Eric
Prince: Yes
Voice: Christopher Daniel Barnes
Friend: Max
Species: Dog
Villain: Ursula
Voice: Pat Carroll
Species: Squid
Sidekicks: Flotsam and Jetsam
Species: Eels
Voice: Paddi Edwards
Songs: "Fathoms Below"
"Daughters of Triton"
"Part of Your World"
"Under the Sea"
"Poor Unfortunate Souls"
"Les Poissons"
"Kiss the Girl"

Opinion: I'm actually not a big fan of Ariel.  I want her to listen to her father because I believe King Triton only wants what is best for her and obviously going to Ursula was a very bad decision.  I am glad that she gets her happy ending though.  And I do love the film, especially because it brought on a Renaissance of classic Disney animated films.  I adore the songs (aren't they fantastic?) and find a lot at which to laugh, which leaves me very happy!


  1. Ariel is a bit of reckless girl, but I like she gets a happy ending, too. The songs are absolutely gorgeous! It's also interesting that she has red hair; makes her really memorable.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I love Ariel and this movie! I want her treasure trove. :)

    I can't even begin to count how many times I must have thrown my five year old self onto couch cushions like a beached whale (you know, that rock she lays on?) and belted out "Part of Your World"


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