Friday, October 15, 2010

Glee-Cap 2x04

  • I love duets and after hearing clips of the songs beforehand, I was pretty sure this would be a good episode.
  • First we find out that Puck is in juvie which means New Directions is down to only 10 but oh now Sam joins!
  • Kurt references "Singin' in the Rain" and Sam doesn't know that movie! Everyone ought to know that movie no matter sexual orientation, etc. It's a fantastic movie.
  • I think it's hard on the single members of the group that the couples decide to sing together; plus there are 11 people in the club-can Schu not count? (It wouldn't surprise me)
  • Sam and Quinn were so cute, plus they won!
  • Rachel was slightly less annoying then she has been
  • Burt is out of the hospital!
  • Sad that Artie and Brittany didn't sing anything.
  • It was great that the episode focused on the kids rather than on the adults; yes I missed Sue but I was glad that Schu didn't do anything (although that's no different from most episodes; yeah, I kind of hate him)
1. Don't Go Breaking My Heart-Rachel and Finn; I love this song-it's so cute
2. River Deep, Mountain High-Mercedes and Santana; they were awesome! I almost think they should have won
3. Le Jazz Hot-Kurt; I know Glee isn't exactly ridiculous but after the many weeks of being told that their budget was cut, how are we supposed to believe that Kurt did this? He couldn't have paid for it himself.
4. Sing!-Tina and Mike; Fantastic-amazing physical comedy!
5. With You I'm Born Again-Rachel and Finn; offensive, yes but I'm also pretty sure that Catholics don't say they're born again, it's more of an Evangelical thing so it's also theologically wrong. Not that I'd expect Glee to know this after last week's lackluster religion episode.
6. Lucky-Sam and Quinn; so cute-they're so blonde!
7. Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy-Rachel and Kurt; I'm glad that Kurt got to sing with someone but it seemed almost a little unnecessary

NO favorite this week because they were all so good (except for With You I'm Born Again)

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  1. A TV channel started airing S1 of Glee again and I watched the first episode yesterday. Glee is so catchy! I sang with them, those songs that I knew. It was very cool.


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