Friday, October 1, 2010

Glee-Cap 2x02

  • I liked that there was just a sprinkling of Britney for the characters; luckily she didn't have to act...because that would not have been successful (yes I saw Crossroads in theaters and own the DVD) I know of what I speak, er, write
  • Love Kurt's arguments for using Britney and his increasing passion
  • Hated how Will continues to be a jerk; despite Carl's very logical point that Will would not want anyone interfering in his relationship with Emma (he's such a whiny loser and he'd be even more pissy), he continued to try to woo Emma in a not at all subtle way.
  • John Stamos is here! I'm a huge Full House fan although I didn't like Uncle Jesse as much as others did (if he hadn't favored Michelle so much, maybe it would have been okay).  He seems like a nice guy although maybe a little too into anesthesia
  • Seriously, they live in conservative, suburban Ohio; no way would Rachel be allowed to bare her stomach like a tart.  Just no!
  • Rachel then tells Finn he has to choose between her and football and further tests his devotion by having Quinn try to get him to stray; this should not end well.  She is so pathetic in their relationship.
  • Due to the focus on Britney Spears, we get all sorts of fun tidbits about Brittany S. Pierce as well as lots of great lines.
  • Not much Sue but at least Beiste let Finn back on the team! (and no Sam?)
1. I'm a Slave 4 U-Brittany; this incorporates three iconic Britney looks: the red jumpsuit, the Toxic diamonds, and the snake
2. Me Against the Music-Brittany and Santana; WOW-Brittany can really dance, I kind of already knew that but this just confirms it.
3. ...Baby One More Time-Rachel; I did not think this was suited to her voice at all; nor can she really dance.
4. Stronger-Artie; interesting incorporation of Finn and Puck to help fulfill Artie's dream of being on the football team, I hope he doesn't drop it if/when he wins Tina back.
5. Toxic-Will and New Directions; why would anyone think it was appropriate for the teacher to sing with the students?! Nonetheless my fave.
6. The Only Exception-Rachel; does she have to cry every time she has a closing solo? I'm really fed up with it and Rachel in general (see above)

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  1. I totally agree with you on the Rachel part. I'm getting tired of seeing her or hearing her every time. I forgot to post my comment about the episode, thanks for posting. Now I remember mine. :) glad you enjoyed glee too!


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