Friday, October 8, 2010

Glee-Cap 2X03

"Grilled Cheesus"
I was worried about how this episode would treat religion.  I wasn't too pleased but I'm just going to move on because "Duets" looks like it will have some great music.
  • Why would you have FRIDAY night dinners with a teenager? Isn't Sunday more traditional?  Also it seems weird to me to not have dinners every night with your family because that's what we do.
  • It breaks my heart to see how queer people have been kept away from Christianity by Christians.  I know my college campus has had conflict between the queer group and my Christian group but things are looking up as we're planning a meeting for reconciliation; we don't want to have conflict and we want to be welcoming to everyone seeking Jesus.
  • Saying that, as a believer in Jesus, Finn's praying to the sandwich seemed sacrilegious as it seems like he's basically praying to an idol.
  • Rachel continues her selfish streak-"how it's affecting ME."  Gah-hate her.
  • I'm quite sure that having Rachel sing at my bedside would not make me feel better.
  • Really love young Kurt; looks so much like Chris Colfer
  • "You had me at fabulous hat."
1. Only the Good Die Young-Puck; fun, upbeat, nice for Puck to get a chance to shine.
2. I Look to You-Mercedes; I didn't know this song but I think it's my favorite of the episode.
3. Papa Can You Hear Me?-Rachel; so over Rachel's overwrought "look at me, look at me" performances although this was less than other episodes
4. I Want to Hold Your Hand-Kurt; I felt the emotion but while I like the idea of covering Beatles songs, I'm rarely pleased with it in practice.
5. Losing My Religion-Finn; No
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water-Mercedes; I don't like this song.
7. One of Us-New Directions; Tina solo-woot!


  1. Someone prayed to a sandwich? A laughter of disbelief just left my mouth.:) I guess I should know the context, but that's so funny, in a ridiculous sort of way.

    I'm a Christian myself and I think it's absurd to exclude someone because they are attracted to the same sex. It's very backward thinking, isn't it? Ugh. I would like to be more tolerant, but I can't tolerate prejudiced idiots, so I guess I'm not tolerant after all. My tolerance for narrow-minded idiots is extremely low.

    Cool post! You know, you're warming me up to Glee. I might start watching it.

  2. haha, I can't stand Rachel either, she has the potential to make me stop watching the show! i'm giving it a few more weeks.
    love kurt, esp the Beatles cover!


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