Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bleak House, Chapters 39-46

So I'm running a bit behind (had a crazy busy but spiritually uplifting weekend and I had a ton of schoolwork) plus this is an 8 chapter section; Finally I have finished.

Chapter 39: Mr Vholes and a disgusting office; hanging out with impatient Richard.  Weevle and Guppy watch him and discuss stuff. Much description of everything.  The Smallweeds are up to something.  Mr Guppy interacts with Mr Tulkinghorn and then asks Tony (Weevle or Smallweed?) to bury a portrait of Lady Dedlock in order to conceal the communications they've been having (?)  I'm not really sure what's going on with that.

Chapter 40: I don't get when he uses Coodle and Doodle as figures in government; maybe I just don't understand British history/British government (both real possibilities; I'm an Americanist.) So much description-get to the point Dickens!  Mr Rouncewell campaigned against Sir Leicester (outrage!)  Mr Tulkinghorn reveals what he knows about Lady Dedlock's history although without naming names.

Chapter 41: Lady Dedlock goes to Mr Tulkinghorn's room as he is staying at Chesney Wold.  They discuss what must be done: First and foremost Sir Leicester must not be ashamed so she must continue to live with her guilt knowing that Mr Tulkinghorn could reveal everything whenever he chooses.  He's quite judgmental too.

Chapter 42: Mr Snagsby is being harassed by Lady Dedlock's French former maid Hortense.  She comes to visit Mr Tulkinghorn demanding his help in finding a new place or she will continue to harass Mr Snagsby and him.  He replies that he can have her sent to prison so she should leave.  He is cold and his meanness is really being brought out by Dickens.

Chapter 43: Jarndyce defends Skimpole-I just don't understand how.  Skimpole also is married with three daughters-how in the world did that happen?  Sir Leicester comes to visit Bleak House causing great emotion in Esther.  Esther meanwhile doesn't seem to understand the concept of a secret; telling more people (ie Jarnydce) that Lady Dedlock is her mother is not keeping it secret.  We also learn a bit more about Mr Boythorn and Esther's aunt, former fiances.

Chapter 44: Esther worries that Guppy and Hortense know the secret (I'm not sure if they do...yet)  Mr Jarndyce writes Esther a letter.  Esther reflects on her life before reading it.  It turns out that he has proposed to her.  She still likes Mr Woodcourt but she accepts.

Chapter 45: Mr Vholes has come to Bleak House because Richard's finances are in a mess (stupid idiot).  Esther and Charley go to visit Richard to talk this over with him.  Richard changes mood often during that conversation and continues to be annoying.  Esther than sees Mr Woodcourt disembarking from a ship and scurries away so that he can't see her disfigurement. But then they meet and she elicits a promise from him to be friendly with Richard.

Chapter 46: Back to the narrator with his endless passages of description-sooooo boring.  Dr Woodcourt helps a poor woman.  He also sees Jo, looking very sick: thin and gaunt.  Jo tells about why he left and how a man will come after him (Mr Tulkinghorn I presume) and Woodcourt promises to help him hide.

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  1. "Back to the narrator with his endless passages of description-sooooo boring." haha So Dickens.


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