Friday, October 15, 2010

Ella Enchanted (Film)

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I remember when the Ella Enchanted movie came out and many of my friends were upset with its treatment of the plot (let's just say it's VERY different from the book).  I however wasn't sure why they were so upset when the gorgeous man pictured above was in the film.  When you're looking at a charming, good-looking British man, it's hard for me to be too angry!  That man is Hugh Dancy and he plays Prince Char (see the names are the same!) and this was my first introduction to him.  I was able to recognize the many changes made to the plot but I still thought it was a pretty good film once you disassociated it from the book.  He and Anne Hathaway are super cute together and I liked seeing Cary Elwes as a villain after only knowing him as Westley in The Princess Bride.

Overall I would recommend this to people who like Hugh Dancy, who like fairy tale movies, and who can appreciate a movie that isn't 100% faithful to the source material.  Just think of them as a very separate entities and sit back and enjoy the hotness!


  1. Oh, I LOVE this movie! Hugh Dancy is absolutely dreamy and he and Anne make such a lovely couple, don't they? I haven't read the book, so I could enjoy the movie even more. But I bet the book is great, since I just love this movie. I think I will have to re-watch it soon.:) Their first kiss always makes me melt.:)
    Great post!

  2. hey... look i really want to know what's his latest moovies please i really like him i'm like his number 1 fan and thx !!!!!!!


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