Monday, November 29, 2010


Grace by Elizabeth Scott
Dutton Books, 2010
200 pages
YA; Dystopian
3.5/5 stars

Source: Bought

Summary: In a dystopian future, Grace has been raised to be a suicide bomber.  But she doesn't want to do that; she wants to get out.  Now she's traveling with a mysterious stranger on her way to escape although in a place of uncertain loyalties, she might not make it...

Thoughts: I love Elizabeth Scott, as I believe I've mentioned but I tend to prefer her romantic comedies to her darker stories.  I recognize her talent and the power of those stories (especially Living Dead Girl) but I like lighter stories. Very personal preference.

I really enjoyed the backstory as Grace described her history and the expectations of her people on her.  She was not loved by her family but it was considered a great honor to be chosen to serve as an Angel.  There are really only four characters: Grace, her "friend," the man who helped her escape, and the man she's traveling with.  Additionally there are the moral questions raised about the government and the rebel group's philosophies.

My quibble is about the format of the book: it's a huge font, with extraordinarily big spacing, and thus while it's technically 200 pages, it reads much shorter.

Overall: Nice story from Scott but not her best.

Cover: Haunting.


  1. Sounds very interesting! Suicide bombers? It's great the author chose this as Grace's "profession", as sadly, this is a very current issue in our world. This definitely seems to be a nice dystopian novel. Oh, I understand your dislike of the font. I hate big fonts in books.

  2. Dystopian? I don't care what the story is about =puts on wishlist=

    I have a dystopian obsession. The story sounds good enough for me!

  3. Ooh this one sounds interesting


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