Monday, May 31, 2010

Prince of Persia

So I pretty much enjoyed the movie and a large part of that is the gorgeousness of the picture to the left. I have become quite the fan of Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal through watching and reading about his publicity for this film. Besides being incredibly good-looking, he seems really funny (such a good sport through all of the inane chatter) and humble (recognition of how lucky he is as a successful actor).

Now the movie itself was very predictable (I kept poking my sister and telling her what would happen next) but I think if you like Jerry Bruckheimer pictures, you will like this. (Also note to Jerry Bruckheimer, when are we getting the third National Treasure?)

Ky at Can't Find a Bookmark also appreciated Jake!

Anyway enjoy Jake's hotness!


On a more serious note, I want to wish everyone a peaceful Memorial Day! A little history nugget: I had always thought that Memorial Day originated in the aftermath of WWI, which is sort of true as it was expanded then but it actually comes from Decoration Days which honored the Union dead from the Civil War. I just learned that in my Civil War class this year and I wanted to share it. I really like holidays where we get to wave the US flag because, and I realize I'm very biased here, I think America has the most beautiful flag and I love to see us come together in recognition of our fallen.

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  1. Great review of the movie! I like Jerry Bruckheimer's movies. They may be predictable, but they're great to watch.;)And just so you know, your picture of Jake makes me grin.;)


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