Friday, May 7, 2010

DWTS Week 7/Glee

-Evan and Anna got the first perfect score of the season-take that Nicole! I really do love this pair and I'm rooting for them. I'm fairly confident they'll be in the top three so we still have more awesomeness to come from them.
-I predicted Niecy would go home but my mom said Pam and Pam it was (she's really good at this, she can almost always predict who's going home and who was the murderer/criminal on TV shows/movies-it's super annoying when she correctly says "s/he did it" when you've only watched fifteen minutes of a show)

Glee-"Bad Reputation"
  • Will is totally a slut/whore/whatever word you want to use. He's a character who is supposed to be a nice guy but the writers tell us that rather than show us that, consequently it's less than effective; he's definitely my least favorite character.
  • I loved getting to see Sue and her sister although it made me miss my sister (*Hugs*)
  • Boo Molly Shannon! I'm not a fan of her, I don't think she adds anything, and we don't need new characters when the characters we already know are hardly used.
  • Olivia Newton-John? Random!
  • U Can't Touch This in the library? Random but awesome-why the heck they decided to do this is beyond me.
  • Return of Puck and Quinn (not together)
  • Jesse's heartbreak! I love Jonathan Groff-can he stay forever?
  • Run Joey Run-I love story songs (this one makes me think of Leader of the Pack and Teen Angel which leads me to ask, must a story song include someone dying at the end?)
1. Ice Ice Baby-Will; Dear Glee Writers, Please stop having Matthew Morrison rap; it is not as amusing as you think it is. Sincerely, Gleeks Everywhere (or maybe it's just me)
2. U Can't Touch This-Artie
3. Physical-Sue and Olivia Newton John
4. Run Joey Run-Rachel, Puck, Jesse, and Finn; what a bizarre song although I was obsessed with it last week and continuing in to this one without understanding the context.
5. Total Eclipse of the Heart-Rachel, Finn, Puck, and Jesse-awesome ballet scenes and more Jesse hotness!

What did you think?

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  1. I was not disappointed to see Pam go on DTWS. I was disappointed however that Erin and Maks were in the bottom two because she is a much better dancer than Niecy and Chad. I hope that Niecy goes next week. She is funny and entertaining but not the best dancer and I'd hate to see someone with more dancing talent get sent packing first.

    I wasn't able to see all of this episode of Glee but I have been really disappointed with Will's treatment of Emma. He can be caring towards the kids but in his personal life he really sucks. My favorite song (really the only song I liked) was Total Eclipse of the Heart. While I think it was neat to incorporate the library into the show with the MC Hammer song I did not like the use of the stereotypical librarian.

    It was nice to see the more human side of Sue again in this episode even though evil Sue adds a lot of fun to the show. I've also felt that Quinn and Puck have kind of disappeared to the background in recent episodes so I was glad to see them featured more.


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