Thursday, May 13, 2010

DWTS Week 8/Glee

I don't really feel like talking about this; I predicted Niecy would leave. I was rooting for Evan! I have a quibble-I hate when the producers force gimmicks on the dancers and then the judges score down for that. Producers and judges-coordinate!

  • I missed Jesse this week; I think Jonathan Groff is mega-hot and super talented!
  • I enjoyed that this episode focused on the students instead of stupid Will or any of the other teachers but I am looking forward to NPH next week!
  • Jessie's Girl! Only one of my most favorite songs!
  • Rose's Turn from Gypsy which is my second favorite musical although I've never been able to see it live :-( I've seen the movie (Not recommended except for Natalie Wood's The Strip scene) and I have the recordings (Ethel, Angela, Roz, Tyne, Bette, Bernadette, and Patti) but I would love to see it live, of course! How about Patti Lupone for Kurt's grandmother or aunt?
  • I would still love to see more Quinn but I liked her scene with Mercedes and I think she has a bigger story in a few episodes; plus we find out she's been living with Puck all this time! But no bacon for her is one of the saddest things I've ever heard (didn't they show his family eating pork? Am I thinking of another show?)
  • Only four more episodes! Although I'm seeing the concert tour so I will post about that (I honestly can't remember when I'm going except that it's an LA concert)

1. The Climb-Rachel; I'm counting this because I've seen it on youtube.
2. Jessie's Girl-Finn-I've loved this song for a long time and I've been full on obsessed with it since "13 Going On 30." I don't know if Jesse was named that specifically so this song could be used but I fully applaud that decision if it was.
3. The Lady is a Tramp-Puck and Mercedes; I liked this much more once I saw it performed with the jazz band but I still prefer Frank's rendition.
4. Pink Houses-Kurt; just including this because Kurt's voice is used so differently
5. The Boy Is Mine-Mercedes and Santana; Love!
6. Rose's Turn-Kurt; I loved that he switched back in to blue clothes (which I believe is what Rose traditionally wears during this scene) and it had the "Kurt" sign!!!!
7. One-New Directions; I was not familiar with this song but I like it and I'm obsessed with the way Lea Michele (Rachel) says "law"

Bottom-line: One of the strongest episodes, music and story wise!

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