Saturday, May 22, 2010


Dream On
  • I loved that NPH was on this episode-he was fantastic and he helped make up for the fact that Will was a focus of this episode (I really don't like Will).
  • Artie's storyline-I didn't really like the fantasy sequence, the song or the angles which were too busy for my taste
  • I'm excited for Rachel to meet her mom but I'm still afraid that it's some plot of Shelby's where she either knew Rachel's dads or her real mom and is pretending in order to exploit Rachel and destroy her before Regionals.
  • Again while I loved NPH, there isn't that much from the episode that I want to talk about.
  • Also I will be seeing the Glee Concert this weekend; I hope to post (maybe with some pictures!) early next week
1. Piano Man-Bryan and Will
2. Dream On-Bryan and Will
3. Safety Dance-Artie
4. I Dreamed a Dream-Shelby and Rachel
5. Dream a Little Dream-Artie

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  1. The song I really liked from this episode was I Dreamed a Dream. I hope you enjoy the Glee Concert. How exciting!

    I agree with you about Shelby. It seems like she and Jesse are still up to something. Perhaps she wants to lure Rachel to Vocal Adrenaline.


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