Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DWTS Finale/Glee

DWTS: If you follow my twitter (and if not, why don't you? I'm @bookworm1858) you may have noticed that I was rooting for Evan (or #teamevanna). Thus I was displeased with the finale. Someone else captured my feelings perfectly: @G_RANTHot935 OMG Nicole wins DWTS!!! WHAT AN UPSET!!!!! She should dance for a living!!!...wait a sec. Because she is a professional dancer and she minored in dance in college. On the bright side, I can now swear off DWTS which is great because it is a gigantic time suck. And that is not an empty threat because I have skipped seasons before AND I am in the coveted 18-49 age range that advertisers love. Also anger at judges and producers for general suckiness.

Luckily Glee was amazing!!!! It had Bad Romance, which is only one of my favorite songs, and awesome Kurt, my favorite character.

  • Opinionated voiceover-cheeky!
  • Vampires-why does the principal believe they exist?!
  • THEATRICALITY-did you pick up the theme? I thought it was even more obvious than the very obvious Dream theme last week
  • I don't see why Lady Gaga is so definitely only for girls; I know guys who like her songs
  • Puck, Mike, Matt, and Finn were all on the football team; why is Finn the only one getting picked on?
  • Did everyone wear their Gaga costume/Kiss outfit all week? Wouldn't that be uncomfortable? Wouldn't they get dirty/smelly? What was the timeframe for this?
  • So women are just inherently awesome sewers who can make amazing clothes overnight?
  • Burt-my family hearts Mike O'Malley (we've actually been fans since Yes, Dear) and I'm was so happy to see Burt stand up for his son and Mike O'Malley just be amazing. I bawled during that scene-it was so powerful.
  • The crazy pink eyelashes on Quinn!
  • No Jesse :-( Absence of hotness makes me sad
  • While there wasn't a lot of Will (Yay!), it appeared as if he observed those two bullying football players and didn't step in! I know teachers are supposed to do that! Or did he arrive late to the scene? I still feel like he witnessed something he would have to report.
  • No Sue :-( but no Emma :-) and Terri next week :-)
1. Funny Girl-Shelby
2. Bad Romance-Glee Girls and Kurt
3. Shout It Out Loud-Glee Guys minus Kurt
4. Beth-Glee Guys Minus Kurt
5. Poker Face-Rachel and Shelby

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