Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Women of the Bible

Women of the Bible by Carol Smith, Rachael Phillips, and Ellyn Sanna
Barbour, 2011
267 pages
Non-fiction; Christian; Reference
Read for ebook challenge
4/5 stars

Source: Received a free review copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I wasn't entirely sure what this book would be like based on the brief description online.  It seems like it is part of a series and that it is supposed to be very accessible, which it definitely is.

I was disappointed because my own expectations were looking for a more in-depth scholarly approach.  Instead the book does just what is outlined on the cover touching on the minutiae of how women in the Bible might have lived their lives.  Some things we know: the economic status of women, their chores, expectations about children and family while some aspects we aren't sure about.  At best we're piecing together information about women who lived millennia ago but whose concerns then mirror ours now.

Family, friendship, religion, survival, and love are among the similarities between then and now.  Connections are drawn and nice pictures illustrate almost every page.  I especially appreciated the gorgeous artwork, mainly from Renaissance it seemed.  I did not know most of those pictures and they were fascinating to see.

Also included is a list of every woman in the Bible whether or not she has a name.  The more prominent women such as Eve, Sarah, and Mary receive multiple mentions and more space devoted to them.

Layout: I don't usually talk about layout because in most of the ebooks I've read, it hasn't mattered.  But this one had a fantastic layout, probably the closest to the actual book as can get.  It made me so glad that I have a nook color!  One fault was that it didn't have chapter links like many ebooks that I've read so navigating wasn't as smooth as it could be.

Overall: Interesting reference and perspective.

Cover: I like the woman and the colors but I don't like the other pictures.

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  1. This sounds very interesting! I would read this book, as I am interested in Biblical women. It seems both Biblical women and the typical women of that time are described, I like that. I really don't know much about that time in that part of the world, historically and culturally speaking.


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