Friday, February 25, 2011

Disney Princess Profile: Jasmine

Hosted by Irena at This Miss Loves to Read.

Name: Jasmine
Film: Aladdin
Princess: Born and bred
Hair: Black and big
Outfit: Teal
Best Friend: Rajah
Species: Tiger
Home: Agrabah
Longs: To be free
Parents: The Sultan
Voice: Douglas Seale
Love Interest: Aladdin
Prince: No; Street rat
Voice: Scott Weinger
Sidekicks: Abu and Carpet
Also: Genie
Voice: Robin Williams
Villain: Jafar
Voice: Jonathan Freeman
Sidekick: Iago
Species: Parrot
Voice: Gilbert Gottfried
Songs: "Arabian Nights"
"One Jump Ahead"
"Street Urchins"
"Friend Like Me"
"Prince Ali"
"A Whole New World"
"Prince Ali (Reprise)"

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  1. Jasmine is a great heroine! She's pretty and feisty. I just can't help but like her.


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