Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not That Kind of Girl

Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian
Push, 2010
322 pages
YA; Contemporary; Romance
4/5 stars

Source: Library

Natalie Sterling is not that kind of girl. She is the kind of girl who's class president, who will go to a fantastic college, who won't be distracted from her goals, not even by a tempting quarterback.  She is not the kind of girl who begs for male attention, the kind of girl who might be labeled a slut.   Until one day Natalie is that kind of girl, the one who people gossip about and who disappoints her favorite teacher.  What's she going to do about it?

I simultaneously identified with and wanted to shake Natalie throughout the book.  She certainly has her good points: ambitious, loyalty, controlled, honest, good daughter, loves classic films.  Additionally I agreed with many of her points warning girls not to take naked pictures of themselves (in general, a very bad idea especially in high school. I've seen multiple news stories about the consequences that can occur and yet nobody seems to learn.)

But she also has a frustrating side: wanting her best friend to have no other friends but her, bossy, wanting to keep a relationship with a good guy quiet and just focus on the physical, an outsize hatred for most if not all high school boys.  I wanted to stop her so many times and tell her what she should do because she was going about the situation in completely the wrong way.

Despite those flaws, she's a very likable character and she seemed very real to me.  I saw a lot of myself in her and I really wanted her to hit rock bottom so that she could pull herself up and out of trouble and continue fighting for what she believes in.

Besides Natalie, there is also a VERY cute boy named Connor; now he's no Will but he's not bad.

For a hilarious review of this book, check out Forever Young Adult's review.

Overall: Cute story with some good scenes between Natalie and Connor-some very good scenes!

Cover: So fun story: The librarian teased me as he checked my book out, not that it ought to matter to him what I read so I have a bit of a hate on for this cover.


  1. Sounds interesting! I know a girl like that, so it might be interesting for me to read this book.

    Haha, librarians who try to be cool and flirtatious.:)

  2. I like how you outlined the good and bad about the character. I'd be so embarrassed if people commented on the covers of the books I check out. I'm very glad I can check out my own books. I only comment on the books I check out for people if I like the book. :)


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