Friday, February 11, 2011

Disney Princess Profile: Tiana

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Name: Tiana
Princess: No
Hair: Black and tied back
Outfit: Usually green
Best Friend: Lottie
Species: Human
Voice: Jennifer Cody
Home: New Orleans, Louisiana
Special Powers: Makes a mean gumbo
Parents: James and Eudora
Voices: Terrence Howard and Oprah
Love Interest: Naveen
Prince: Yes
Villain: Dr Facilier
Voice: Keith David
Profession: Voodoo Doctor
Songs: "Down in New Orleans"
"Almost There"
"Friends on the Other Side"
"When We're Human"
"Gonna Take You There"
"Ma Belle Evangeline"
"Dig a Little Deeper"

Thoughts: I loved "The Princess and the Frog" and was so psyched for Disney's return to 2D animation and princess stories.  I enjoyed the songs, I think Naveen is a dreamy prince, and the secondary characters are a lot of fun.  One warning is that the villain has some pretty scary sequences, which may be frightening for young children.  Otherwise super appropriate as you'd expect from a Disney flick!


  1. I loved this movie! Disney's princess movies are my favorites. The animation was also stunning. I wish they'd make more movies like this.

  2. I finally saw this movie and just love Tiana! She's so pretty and I love the green dress in the picture.

    Great profile! I love these profiles!


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