Sunday, December 13, 2009

White Christmas

White Christmas starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, and Vera-Ellen

This is probably my favorite Christmas movie (and it's the only one I've watched so far this season!) Today I just wanted to write about some of my favorite parts and some things my family and I spoke about during this viewing.

Firstly, I mentioned the four stars but for me the real standout is Doris-the blonde in the beginning. She may not have gone to Smith but she gets two great lines. "Mutual, I'm sure" in response to Bing's how are you and "Well, I like that without so much as a kiss your foot or have an apple" (paraphrase). I have no idea what that means but it's funny!

Bing is, hmm is there a nice way to put this?, really old. "The Country Girl" is from the same year but it is in black and white and thus more flattering to the ancient Bing.

As for Danny Kaye, I have to admit we skip his big number, "Choreography." I try to watch it every couple of years but this year I was outvoted by the rest of the family and quite frankly I didn't really mind. There's something about that number that is just really weird.

My favorite number is still the Sisters song although if I paid my money to see the Haynes sister and only got one song, I think I'd be pissed. I have a younger sister so we always like to joke around and sing the song ourselves (although I'm no Rosemary Clooney!)

We also spent time trying to figure out in what year this is supposed to take place. While 1954 is the obvious answer due to the release date of this picture, the General wants a position in combat which would indicate Korea which had been completed by that time. I realize that accuracy was never a big priority for studio films but that bothered us. Is there something we missed?

I also must say that I don't feel very sorry for the General. Generals are feted and get all sorts of pensions and bonuses and good stuff. I would feel sorry for the 40-year Private Danny Kaye.

And how annoying is the busybody housekeeper? Who can't even eavesdrop on the phone properly creating a needless rift between Betty and Phil?! She also swore to stop gossiping if her information about Phil and the General was wrong, which it was! Who here thinks she really did stop? I highly doubt it.

But Overall: 5 of course! Probably my favorite Christmas movie.


  1. This is one of my favorite Christmas movies as well! Sisters is one of my favorite songs. My sister, friends and I used to sing it while we were running "ladders" in track back in the day . . . and I still find myself singing it once in awhile. It's catchy!

  2. I just finished watching this. It is one of my favorite as well. My mom has 5 sisters so every family reunion someone breaks out into the song Sisters so it makes me think of them. I think all the dancing is my favorite part. And Danny Kaye is hilarious.


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