Friday, December 4, 2009


Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper

I love fairy tale reimaginings so when I saw this at the library I picked it right up. The main character is Sleeping Beauty whose daughter becomes Cinderella whose daughter becomes Snow White whose son is The Frog Prince with some sprinklings of other fairy tales, faeries, dystopia, and the idea of beauty.

The main point is the necessity of beauty and how humans destroy it with overpopulation and the destruction of natural resources to provide for them. Needless to say this is not a happy topic and did not align with my expectations or what I wanted to read at this point. However it was a fast read-I sped through the 475 pages

Overall: 3.5/5 My expectation was of a lighthearted story twisting fairy tales all around but instead I got a time traveling story with some very depressing elements and not exactly a happily ever after.

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