Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sweet Life of Stella Madison

The Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M Zeises

Summary: Stella is the junk food loving daughter of two separated but not divorced foodies. Unfortunately that looks to be changing as both parents become involved in new relationships and Stella ends up torn between her super sweet boyfriend Max and the hot new intern at her mom's restaurant Jeremy.

(Spoilers ahead-skip to overall for rating)

I love food things. I'm not much of a foodie myself (I eat in order to sustain myself and I'm a simple, comfort food kind of girl). But for some reason I love TV, movies, and books that incorporate food. I'm sure I would like songs too although I'm afraid I don't really know any (Suggestions?) So I knew that I would like this book.

And I did like it. Stella was mostly sympathetic (except for her stringing along Max). My parents are still together but I understand the wish to believe that one's parents will still get back together. I thought her relationships and feelings toward them were very realistic and well-written.

I liked her friends and was glad to see that she had two such close friends-a lot of times YA novels seem to skimp on the female friendship front (Alliteration!) Personally I found Max more desirable than Jeremy but at the end, she is not officially with either and I was satisfied with this. Stella grows, forming a friendship with Jeremy, accepting the divorce, and welcoming the new people in her parents' lives.

Overall: 4/5 for a sweet story with a fun protagonist and some dreamy descriptions of food.

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