Saturday, December 5, 2009

An Accomplished Woman

An Accomplished Woman by Jude Morgan

Summary: Lydia Templeton rejected eligible bachelor Lewis Durrant ten years ago and has gone on to live a perfectly enjoyable life. When her godmother asks her to look after her ward in Bath though, Lydia begins to rethink some things.

This is a story in the vein of Jane Austen with a main character who is largely an Emma (without as much of the matchmaking) with a bit of Anne thrown in. I had read Morgan's Indiscretion which is also Austenesque and enjoyed it so when I realized he had a similar story out, I had to buy it.

Lydia is delightful and I loved her-part of my problem was I wanted more of her love story and less of her companion's. Lewis Durrant (another hero I pictured as Richard Armitage) is her Mr. Knightley/Darcy/Wentworth and perfectly wonderful in my opinion. Lydia is looking after Phoebe Rae and helping her decide between the two suitors as she thinks she is in love with both. Mr A and Mr B as Lydia thinks of them are quite different and there is a host of other characters to provide color.

Overall: 4.5/5 I loved this book but there were some parts toward the end where I was a tad bored. But I highly recommend this for any Janeites out there [Also Indiscretion]; there are many similarities to the Austen novels with characters and even one page musing on themes of persuasion and sense and sensibility but it is not just a retread as Morgan creates his own world.

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