Thursday, December 10, 2009


Gorgeous by Rachel Vail

Summary: The second book in a trilogy dealing with the Avery sisters, whose mother, the breadwinner, has just lost her job affecting them in a variety of ways. This book is about the middle daughter Allison who has always felt herself to be the least pretty and least valued of the family. She ends up selling her cell to the devil for a chance at gorgeousness.

I know that I read Lucky, the first book, but I didn't really remember it. That is okay; these books can be read in any order as they cover the same events from the different perspectives [It looks like the third book will be called Brilliant and is due out in May.] I have to say that I love all three covers for this trilogy-they're...gorgeous!

I mostly liked Allison (especially her obsession with the slightly obscure historical figure Gouverneur Morris) and I really liked her new best friend Roxie Green. But the obsession with being gorgeous annoyed me. I know that it's the plot of the book and obviously she will talk about it a lot but it annoyed me especially because it was totally obvious to me that she really was pretty but just couldn't see it. The story itself is pretty predictable but the writing style is very engaging. I've enjoyed the series and am eager for the third.

Overall: 4 out of 5 for cute story although slightly annoying narrator.

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