Friday, July 13, 2012

Size 12 and Ready to Rock

Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot
4/5 stars
304 pages
Contemporary Mystery
#4 in the Heather Wells series

Source: Received an e-ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I read the first three Heather Wells books pre-blog days and while I enjoyed them, I was left unsatisfied with the romantic situation of Heather and her boyfriend Cooper. That issue is immediately resolved in this book with Heather and Cooper being engaged and discussing elopement. Their relationship is pretty rock solid and they are very happy. Nothing could possibly get between them...

Until they are caught up in the goings-on of Cooper's brother/Heather's ex Jordan and his new wife pop sensation Tania Trace who is being blackmailed by a shady character from her past. Tania requests Cooper's services as a bodyguard (remember he's a private investigator) while the first Tania Trace Teen Rock Camp takes over Heather's dorm for the summer. This gives the couple a chance to work out some long-standing issues and allows for more family reunion.

I love that Heather works in a residence hall so I was a bit disappointed that school was out for the summer. Luckily we get a whole host of new characters participating in the rock camp as well as getting to see lots of familiar faces, especially Magda, one of my favorite characters who is in just a few scenes but whose appearance was very much appreciated by me.

The primary mystery is around the person from Tania's past (although there are several smaller suspenses throughout) and I teased about some relationship drama above but the main focus of the novel really is Cabot's trademark humor. I've read most of her books and I find it so comforting to return to one of her worlds. There are several recurring jokes from the earlier books in the series as well as general themes of female empowerment, familiar to fans of Cabot.  I especially loved the burgeoning relationship between Heather and Tania. While the former could certainly bear a grudge to the Tania for getting involved with Heather's fiance while they were still engaged, she knows she is better off with Cooper (so much better off!) and gives Tania a needed boost in confidence and support.

Overall: You probably could read this as a standalone but it will work best if you have read all of the previous books; also serves as a fitting conclusion for the series in case Cabot doesn't produce a fifth.

Cover: Is that model really a size 12? I suspect she is a bit smaller than that.


  1. I have been wanting to try this series for awhile now. I enjoy Meg Cabot's books (though admittedly not her Princess Diaries ones) and the humor. I'll have to look for book one at the library. The series sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I love Meg Cabot but I haven't read this series yet. I definitely plan on it though.

  3. MEG CABOT!! I think I could read anything she writes, no matter what genre, and still enjoy it! :) She just has such an awesome style of writing -- spunky, fun, and totally her -- and it makes everything easier to get sucked into! I haven't read this series before, but it's on my wish list. I love that this could be a standalone AND an awesome conclusion -- that's the kind of book we don't get much of in YA!

    Amazing review, B! <3

  4. I think I’ve been turned off reading anything by Meg Cabot since I read Abandon, which left me less than impressed. I’d be curious to try the Heather Wells books, though! But previously I had no idea they were mysteries, because of the titles I’d always just assumed solid chick-lit. Oops!

  5. Model is def smaller!
    Glad there was a good wrap up, I haven't read any of her books though.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  6. Yeah, that model def looks smaller than a size 12!
    I haven't read any of these books, or any Meg Cabot book, for that matter. But it sounds like an interesting series!

  7. I have not read this series, but I'm a huge Meg Cabot fan. She writes so many genres: mystery, paranormal, contemporary... And I also had no idea these were mysteries. I just assumed contemp YA/chick-lit, based on the covers.

    Extra! Extra! My Weekly Recap

  8. I've been seeing this book everywhere lately! I haven't even heard of this series before, but Meg Cabot seems to be a very popular author. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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