Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog Tour: Clockwise (+ #Giveaway)

Today is a special day as I have committed to being part of a blog tour hosted by Missy's Reads & Reviews for the YA contemporary/time-travel book Clockwise by Elle Strauss.  For long-time readers of my blog, you may have guessed that the time-travel aspect is what caught my attention and you would be right! I love seeing the different ways authors incorporate traveling through time, what era(s) they select, and the mechanics of it all. Read on for my review and for details about the giveaway!

Clockwise by Elle Strauss
4/5 stars
ESB Publishing, 2011
290 pages
YA; Contemporary; Time Travel

Source: Received an e-copy from the author as part of this blog tour.

Casey Donovan is our heroine, an ordinary girl with a best friends, a crush on the cutest guy in school, and somehow the ability to travel through time. However this is not without certain conditions. First she has no control over when she goes although stress seems to be a contributing factor. Second she has no control over how long she stays; as she ages, she seems to stay longer and yet no time at all passes at home. And third she has no control over where she goes: her hometown in New England, 1860 amid rising tensions between the North and South over slavery.

While Casey has shared about her ability with her best friend, she has no intention of telling anyone else. Not her bratty brother, her harassed mother, or her adulterer father. And certainly not her crush Nate. Until at the school dance when she travels back in time and brings Nate with her, allowing him the chance to notice how not-so-ordinary she is.

I'm always predisposed to like the main character of a novel especially when she is also the first-person narrator. Knowing that Casey has a strong background in American history really solidified our connection; when a MC and I share common interests, it makes it so much easier! Seeing her strength and perseverance through her jumps also really gave me cause to like her. Although she struggles with how this impacts her life, she doesn't let it ruin her.  Nate, meanwhile, seems like the stereotypical jock but as we get to know him through the course of the book, he reveals more depth and allows us to see why Casey has a crush on him.

I'm definitely curious as to what else we'll learn about time traveling in the sequel as well as the next steps in Casey and Nate's relationship.

So, sound interesting? Well, here are the Giveaway details:

You can win: an e- copy of the sequel, Clockwiser, graciously provided by Elle Strauss.

You must:
-"Like" Elle Strauss on facebook
-Leave a comment on this post saying that you have done so (I will contact you to confirm facebook name if you do not wish to disclose it in the comment)

Total winners: Unlimited :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love reading books about time travel too! The mechanics of it in different books are always so cool, and even though there's always a risk that it can be confusing, it really sounds like this one isn't. :) And having things in common with the MC is one thing I always love as well! Sounds like we're all kind of alike LOL ;)

    Amazing review and tour post, B! And I may be e-readerless and Facebookless, but I think I'm going to look into finding this book soon :)

  2. There is just something special about a good time travel jaunt. I am hopping over to check out Clockwise, it looks like a cute read. Thank you for sharing about the series and tour.
    Liked on FB Denise Zaky

    1. Ha! I knew it sounds familiar to me. I bought Clockwise back in January and it is in the TBR. I love that book two is ready and that I will not have to wait too long to get on to the next in installment once I have finished book one :)

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