Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wish by Alexandra Bullen
Point, 2010
323 pages
YA; Contemporary; Fantastical elements

Source: The library

Summary: Olivia has just moved to San Francisco with her parents but without her twin sister Violet who died the previous summer. She receives a magical dress and wishes for her sister to return. While Violet is visible only to Olivia, her effect is visible throughout Olivia's life.

Thoughts: I think I'm decidedly on the fence for this book; I read it fairly quickly and I felt like I was enjoying it but I just finished it and I have basically nothing to say. Olivia is not an exciting character as she depended on her sister Violet for vibrancy. Her crush, Soren, has a stupid name and wasn't interesting. The concept was okay but I prefer either full realism or full fantasy instead of this mix.

I like the names Olivia and Violet for twins-I like that it has the same "o-l-i" in different orders.

Overall: 3.5/5.

Cover: I love the cover and I think the stars are beautiful and relevant to the story.

Pedantic Thought: The back cover asks "If you could have everything, what would you wish for?" I thought that sentences were not supposed to end with prepositions at. (That's a 30 Rock reference); I just feel like a book should follow those rules of grammar.

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  1. Haha, I love your review. It shows the book annoyed you in the end.;)

    P.S. I think in every-day English everyone pretty much ends sentences with prepositions, and authors project that into their books. Can't be helped. I'm surprised the editors don't correct that, really.


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