Thursday, June 17, 2010

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Originally Ten Little Indians
194 pages

Source: Library

Summary: Ten people are lured to an island and then killed according to a macabre nursery rhyme posted in each of their rooms.

Thoughts: One of the best-known of Christie's many mysteries, I have also found this to be one of my favorites although with some qualms namely the killer's sense of justice. One character certainly deserved to die based on a callous disregard for the lives killed through a car accident while others I was less convinced. But it is brilliantly written; as I've done with many Christies, I question if the reader could have actually solved this. Also SPOILER the killer does not die or receive any punishment for killing these people. I think it's a bit like Dexter in that: latent psychopath kills other killers which is troubling to my morality END SPOILER. One difficulty at the start was sorting out all of the characters as they are introduced one right after the other. But then they start dying and that makes it a bit easier to sort them out.

But it is a very quick read and enjoyable. I liked trying to puzzle out how they were committed and how they would be committed although I knew I wouldn't be able to figure out who did it. I flew through it even with my mom's persistent interruptions.

Overall: 5/5 Despite my perceived flaws, obviously a standout and definitely recommended!


  1. Oh, wow, I have to read this one! Great review.

  2. I just re-read this and posted about my blog! :)
    I agree with your comment about whether some of the people deserved to be killed off --- it's an interesting book. :)

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