Sunday, June 6, 2010

There Are No Words

There Are No Words by Mary Calhoun Brown
Lucky Press, LLC, 2010
113 pages

Source: Won from Maggie at Bibliophilia. Thank you!

Summary: Jaxon is a mute, literate, autistic girl who lives with her grandparents. One night she travels back in time and meets Sarah, Dewey, and Oliver Pack, her grandfather's best friend who died in a 1918 train accident. She ends up realizing that she traveled back in time in order to save Oliver-can she do it?

Thoughts: I really liked the concept and I found it very charming that Jaxon got to go back in time and affect it. It was pretty predictable but I found it engaging and I read it fairly quickly. I also appreciated the inclusion of additional resources for parents and educators although I'm not either.

I was a little confused about the time period. Her grandparents were 12 during WWI yet by the end Jaxon is using a computer. I'm not sure they'd have access to a computer in sixties or seventies when I assume this book starts. I also caught several typos which always disappoints me.

Overall: 4/5. Different from what I am used to seeing and enjoyable.

Cover: It reminds me of "This Property Is Condemned" which is not a good movie unless you are a huge Natalie Wood or Robert Redford fan but I still mostly liked it.

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  1. Lovely review! I like the concept of this novel. Ouch about computers and typos.;)


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