Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Darklight by Lesley Livingston
HarperTeen, 2010
310 pages
YA; Fantasy; Faerie

Source: Library


Summary: Kelley is living in NY and continuing to act while her love Sonny tracks down the remainder of the Wild Hunt in the Otherworld. New secrets emerge and new magic is uncovered.

Thoughts: I'm so pleased that I wrote a mini-review of Wondrous Strange because while I knew that I read it, I didn't remember much about it. This blog helped me get psyched up about this although I still don't really remember much about Wondrous Strange. Some parts of it came rushing back though as I read because Livingston did a good job of linking back to the first.

Again I really liked the supporting characters especially Puck, Tyff, Mabh, and Titania. The only problem is that sometimes they were more interesting than Kelley and there wasn't enough of a focus on them. While I apparently thought Sonny was kind of hot in Wondrous Strange, I did not get that feeling in this. I preferred Fenn even if he is pretty vicious.

I am frustrated by the lack of answers although I realize this is the middle of a trilogy and I hope they are answered in the final. I especially want to know about Auberon's illness and how Kelley and Sonny will be reunited. There was also a lot of jumping around in plot

Overall: 4/5, not as good as the first but looking forward to the third, which will hopefully answer my questions!

Cover: I like Wondrous Strange's cover better but this is still very striking and it fits.

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  1. Cool review! I had no idea this trilogy existed, it seems interesting.


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