Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recommendations #3

So I've been reading the Silk House series by Linda Lee Chaikin and I meant to post about the third book in the trilogy but I haven't finished it yet so I'm going to ask for recommendations for books set in the time period. It takes place in about 1559 and deals with King Francis II, Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen of France, and Catherine Medici.

I am interested in books with a sympathetic portrayal of Catherine Medici because I think this one is too harsh but I am more interested in any nonfiction books about the royalty and/or the religious struggles of this time period. I would also like to know about books concerning France in any pre-Revolution period if you thought they were great books and worth reading.

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  1. I haven't read many books about Catherine Medici, only the Medici trilogy by Jean Plaidy. This one is really, really good. In fact, I recommend Jean Plaidy's historical fiction. She wrote a Tudor saga, spanning from Henry VII till Elizabeth I. Jean Plaidy also wrote a trilogy about Mary Queen of Scots. You should check out this author.


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